CCTV Mule002 Send 2 Video Signals Down One RG59 cable Up to 200 Meter 12v DC

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Model No: MULE002

The CCTV Mule makes it easy to add extra cameras to existing installations, you save installation and reduce the cost of buying and installing more cable.

The Mules work in pairs. One Mule combines the video signals to transmit them down 1 single co-ax, the other Mule then reconstructs the individual video signals at the remote end. A low-cost, easy solution that offers huge installation benefits and opportunities to add extra cameras.

The Clever electronics of the CCTV Mule also allow it to carry audio along with the same co-axial cable. You can even carry video signal in one direction and one in the other direction.

The CCTV Mules need a 12V power supply at both ends but other than that, it's a really simple device to use, with no real configuration to do.

The 2 channel Mule has 4 modes:

  • 2 video down 1 co-ax;
  • 1 video and 1 audio down 1 co-ax;
  • 2 video (1 each way) down 1 co-ax;
  • 1 video and 1 audio (1 each way) down 1 co-ax;


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